Chemistry Trivia

Chemistry Trivia is a series of online trivia contests organized by the ACS Omaha Local Section. Each competition consists of 20-25 chemistry-related multiple-choice questions. Participants earn points for correctly answering the questions, as well as for how fast they are doing so.

Winners are determined by the overall score that the participants earned during the game, as calculated by the game hosting platform. Prizes for the top three players in each trivia round will be given as follows:

  • First place – $50 Amazon gift card
  • Second place – $30 Amazon gift card
  • Third place – $20 Amazon gift card

No monetary equivalent of the prize will be given in any other form.

To be eligible for prizes, the participants should:

  • Display their real last name and first name (or initial) on the screen during the game.
  • Chemistry students must be enrolled full time at an institution of secondary or higher education in the area served by the ACS Omaha Local Section (Greater Omaha area).
  • Chemistry professionals, currently working or retired, must be members of the ACS Omaha Local Section.

The trivia contests will be hosted on the Kahoot! platform. Thus, in order to participate, every player has to install the app to their cell phone or tablet (available from App Store or Google Play). To join the contest, please click the link to the Zoom meeting provided in the event poster. The game will start ~10 minutes after a short introduction in the beginning of the meeting, and will last approximately 30 minutes.