For students

School students

Resources for elementary, middle and high school students are aimed to help the future generations of chemists nourish their interest, develop new skills, and prepare for a successful academic career in college and beyond. These include online and offline games and activities, ChemClub resources, information on the Chemistry Olympiad, preparation for college, as well as summer research opportunities.
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Undergraduate students

A collection of resources for college students is focused on academic success and professional development. You will find information about ACS Student Chapters, as well as available fellowships, internships, summer research opportunities, etc. ACS provides guidance for graduate school planning, undergraduate research, attendance of the regional and National meetings, study abroad, and college to career transition.
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Graduate students and postdocs

Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars will find a variety of resources on career planning and development, mentoring, as well as available support such as fellowships and awards. A collection of webinars and other resources on professional development will provide help in looking for academic, industrial or government positions, networking, organization of research and scientific writing among other topics. You will find information about the ACS Technical Divisions, as well as the Younger Chemists Committee. Information for prospective international graduate students and postdocs is also available.
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