Leyte Winfield speaks at event co-hosted with UNO Chemistry

On Monday, April 1, 2024 the Omaha Section’s Women Chemists Committee was thrilled to partner with NASA Nebraska and the University of Nebraska at Omaha Chemistry Department to host Dr. Leyte Winfield of Spelman College who presented Culturally Relevant Pedagogies and Fostering Agency in the Chemistry Classroom. Dr. Winfield is an ACS Fellow and has been awarded more than $20 million in NSF funding for collaborative initiatives to broaden participation in science. Her presentation was attended by members of the LS WCC, undergraduate students, and faculty from many disciplines outside of chemistry including biology, math, and music. Dr. Winfield discussed her approaches to creating an inclusive environment in her chemistry classroom by creating relevant curricula that appeal to the values and interests of her students. The LS WCC was proud to contribute to the ACS WCC goal of advocating and promoting awareness of how to foster inclusivity.